FREE DOWNLOAD: Character Customization in Unreal Engine 4 – UE4 Character Creator Tutorial

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I created a custom character creator in Unreal Engine 4. In this video, I walk you through the entire system from start to finish. This video is an overview of how I created the system. You can download it below. Use this video to help you understand how it works. And I encourage you to improve it and make it better. I just made this in a couple of hours since these assets came out today and became free for everyone.

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Download the 4.25 project here and improve on it. Make it better. Customize it to your liking:

The character assets used in this video were just released and will be free forever thru the Unreal marketplace. Be sure to grab them under the permanently free section.

Feel free to add to it however you like. It does not include the Meadow assets because those arent permanently free. And the project would be several gigs.

Enjoy this free gift 🙂

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