Flappy Bird in Unreal Engine under 45 minutes (UE4 TUTORIAL) Video game development

Beginner-friendly tutorial on how to make Flappy Bird in Unreal engine. (UE4)
Project is made entirely with blueprints.
Let´s have fun and make some games. 🙂

If you are interested in specific parts you can find them here:

00:11 Getting ready
01:06 Character creating
09:26 Setting camera
13:53 Spawning walls
24:31 Spawning obstructs
38:40 Death

You can also download the project here:

If you wanna learn how to make assets for your game, you can do it here:

Unreal engine:
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About me:

Hello there,
my name is Fansi and I am a game developer and 3D artist. I am posting three videos per week on this youtube channel mostly about game development in Unreal engine or 3D art with help of Blender 3D.
Feel free to contact me on any social network above if you have any question or are interested in hiring me.
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Video game development
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