EVERY Image Effect in Unity Explained – Post Processing v2 Tutorial

Master EVERY Post Processing effect in Unity!

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● RPG Poly Pack Lite asset:

● HDR and Tonemapping in Unity:
● Filmic Tonemapper(ACES) and Color Grading:
● Lens Dirt Textures:

● Time stamps for all the effects:
Color correction:
04:00 Tonemapper
04:29 White balance
04:51 Color adjustment
05:09 Channel mixer
05:23 Color Curves
07:33 Shadows, Midtones and Highlights
07:46 Lift, Gamma and Gain
08:08 Split Toning
08:20 Colot Lookup Table (LUT)

09:09 Bloom
09:55 Chromatic Aberration
10:08 Film Grain
10:18 Vignette

Lens stuff:
10:35 Depth of field
11:01 Motion Blur
11:14 Lens distortion
11:25 Panini Projection

11:46 Dithering
12:02 Anti-aliasing

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