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This is the first video of a series of tutorials I wanted to make on Dialogue Systems, from loading a simple external text file to branching and special functions. I’ve never done a tutorial before and I know that my pacing is probably quite not right, but please help me improve as well in the comments below and ask whatever questions you may have! 🙂

This video starts with a brief introduction to the method, the formats and plug-ins, and then imports a simple linear dialogue to Unity and prints the lines to a textbox. On the next video I’ll discuss about starting multiple dialogues in different points of a scene by creating a Dialogue Trigger script, as well as relating the dialogue with the in-game characters. In later videos I’ll delve into more complex dialogues, with options / branching, special functions such as voice acting, and more!

Check out YAML at, and LitJson at For this example I used to convert from YAML to JSON.

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