Custom Character Creation for Cryengine Tutorial Part 1. VERY HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Software Needed:
1) 3DS Max 2011 and above
2) Maya 2011 and above
3) Notepad++
4) Cryengine free sdk 3.4.0

Prior Videos needed:
1) None

This is a long awaited tutorial on how to model, skin/rig, animate, script, and export a custom character to cryengine. Done by your very own Richard Marcoux (ME) lol. So Enjoy and stay tuned!!!!! PLEASE COMMENT and RATE,GOOD or BAD so i know how i did. Remember all of my tutorials will be HD so if its not, just wait before watching, youtube takes a while to post the HD version.


What do you think?

Purpose: Versus Game Update UPBGE #8.2

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