CRYENGINE Physics Tutorial – Part 2 – Gear-like Constraints

This is part two in a multi-part series covering Physics Constraints in CRYENGINE. If you missed the first part of this tutorial you can find it here:

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – Setting up a simple two gear arrangement
1:30 – Adding the point constraint
1:44 – Understanding default point constraint rotation
3:55 – Adding the linking entity (the constraint owner)
4:33 – Linking the master gear to the linker entity
5:11 – Adding the slave gear
6:42 – Adding the plane constraint to control the slave gear
8:18 – Setting the plane constraint’s Bend Max Angle
9:11 – Setting up the Target Link name and Helper Link Name for the plane constraint
9:54 – Creating a simple Flow Graph script to automatically rotate the gears for testing
13:27 – Setting up two slave gears at a greater distance from the master and varying gear ratios
14:42 – Changing the slave gear’s rotation direction by moving the plane constraint
15:32 – Adding a second slave gear
16:59 – Setting up non-parallel gears
18:30 – Setting up tank wheels in a uniform direction
20:23 – Creating complex mechanisms using slave gears as masters
22:17 – Final tips

The written form of this tutorial with further information can be found at:

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