CRYENGINE Particle Editor Tutorial – Part 1: Introduction to the Core Concepts of Particle Design

CRYENGINE Particle Editor Tutorial – Part 1: Introduction to the Core Concepts of Particle Design

Learn how to create amazing particle effects in CRYENGINE with part one of our latest video tutorial series, hosted by Learning Manager Brian Dilg

00:00 Pyromaniac-in-training
01:31 First generation particle effects (PFX1)
02:06 Creating a new particle effect asset
02:23 Adding a particle effect to a level
03:11 Sprites
04:03 The Particle Editor interface
04:42 Facing Mode:Screen and the 3D illusion
05:36 Saving particle assets vs the level
06:17 Link between Particle Editor and instances in level
06:29 Particle Editor interface in depth
07:20 Field:Size feature and real-world values
07:39 Spawn:Rate feature
08:18 Life:Time feature
08:37 Adding movement with the Motion:Physics feature
08:53 Letting gravity affect sprites
09:33 Understanding Drag
10:30 Relationship between Drag and velocity
11:40 Drag and Uniform Wind
12:33 Drag and motion relative to wind speed
12:50 Drag and Level Wind Scale
13:29 Combining Motion:Physics movement methods
14:11 Breezes, Level Wind Scale and Drag
14:29 Effect of wind from particles on each other
15:46 Inserting features and feature order
16:09 Using Appearance:Material to make a puff of smoke
16:37 Using a Curve modifier to vary Field:Size over Age
17:17 Curve Editor interface
17:56 Normalization of curves – Life:Time vs. Age
18:22 Adding randomization to Field:Size
18:47 Fading Appearance:Opacity in and out using a curve
19:40 Controlling point curvature using spline handles
20:19 Using an animated sprite sheet
21:52 Adding random rotation with Angles:Rotate2D
22:24 Setting Field:Color with smoke color

Brian explains the main concepts of particle creation, laying the foundations for you to learn how to create more complex effects that add a real ‘wow’ factor to your games.

#PFX #LevelDesign #GameArt

The video provides a practical, step-by-step walkthrough of different techniques, from creating a new particle effect asset and adding it to a level, through to using CRYENGINE’s particle editor and applying forces to a particle, like the wind.

Using smoke as an example, you’ll learn how to create realistic, beautiful particle effects that will enhance the atmosphere of your game and immerse your players in the gameplay.

You can follow along with written documentation here:

To get the most out of this tutorial, you should be familiar with the basics of game development and using CRYENGINE.

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