CRYENGINE Lighting Tutorial: Components In Depth

In our new tutorial, Learning Manager Brian Dilg covers lighting in CRYENGINE, including features that launched in CRYENGINE 5.6. In just under 40 minutes, the video will cover a variety of topics including Lighting Components, Clip Volumes, Environment Probes, Projection Textures, and more.

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Point vs. projector light components
1:50 – Properties common to point and projector lights
3:38 – Area lights
6:52 – Using area lights to create a moonlit night scene
12:02 – Using clip volumes to constrain lights
17:57 – Using clip volumes with projector lights
18:59 – Projector lights and projection textures
20:18 – Making a custom light projection texture
22:15 – Installing and using the CryTIff Photoshop plug-in
25:34 – Custom projection texture use cases
27:44 – Assembling a light fixture model
29:26 – Understanding SSR (Screen Space Reflections)
33:29 – Environment probes
36:26 – Environment probes and dynamic lighting

check out our previous tutorials about lighting basics if you are unsure about anything shown in this video:

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