CRYENGINE Game Starter Kit – Blank – Feature Update 1 (Camera Following)

Software Needed:
1). None.

Video Topic:
1). CRYENGINE “Blank” Game Template Update.
2). Camera Following.
3). Programming/C++.

1.) Source Video (1080p 60 FPS):

2.) CRYENGINE Game Starter-Kit – Blank:

In this video, I showcase the new camera class that is now included in the next release of the “Blank” CRYENGINE Game Starter-Kit. In particular, I showcase the “following” feature of the camera.
So enjoy and PLEASE COMMENT and RATE,GOOD or BAD so I know how I did. Remember, all of my tutorials will be HD, so if its not, just wait before watching, Youtube takes a while to post the HD version.


What do you think?

UPBGE - Iminente | Character mechanics Test 0.05

UPBGE – Iminente | Character mechanics Test 0.05

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