CRYENGINE Developer Insight – Designing an Animation System for 2020 and Beyond

Discover the innovative future of animation in CRYENGINE by watching a tech talk from our very own animation programming experts Claudio Freda and Pawel Wojtasik.

00:00 Intro and Overview
01:25 CRYENGINE Animation Stack (Current)
02:30 Mannequin Pros and Cons
05:30 Modular Animation System: Goals
06:45 System Architecture
09:30 Playebles & Samples
11:13 Use Case: 3D TPP Action Character
11:40 Starting Off: State Machine
12:45 State Machines: Tags
14:15 State Machines: Transitions
15:20 Problem: Combining and Modifying Animations
16:14 Scopes: Expanding the Animation Graph
17:00 Animation Graph Part 1
17:30 Binding Example
18:40 Summary: Our Character
19:00 Problem: New Character
19:38 Reusing Setups: Motion Maps
21:20 Problem: Coordinating Animations
22:00 Coordination: Animation Controller
23:23 Timelines: Synchronizing Characters
24:12 Timelines: Annotating Animations
24:30 Extending the System
25:51 Animation Graphs Part 2
27:00 Animation Stack and Layered Transition Queue
28:03 Pose Modifier Framework
28:45 Case Study
30:00 Animation Graph: Requirements
31:00 We are designing a language
33:10 Purely functional DSL
34:20 Example Workflow
37:10 Debugging the Graph
39:40 Dealing with state
43:26 DSL Summary
44:28 Computation back-end
46:29 Pose Evaluation
47:10 Buffer reuse
49:20 Node API
52:30 Graph Transformations
57:20 Conclusions
57:55 Outro

Claudio, Animation Programmer, and Pawel, Senior Animation Programmer, introduce the new animation system for CRYENGINE and explain how they are bringing innovations to the game animation landscape in this talk first given at GIC Poznan 2019.

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Our experts cover both low-level animation computational code and animation controllers, which are high-level systems, used to control animations on characters.
The session also gives an overview of the pros and cons of the current Mannequin system, and you’ll learn about our plans to evolve the animation stack, which will future-proof the system, decrease the learning curve, and increase accessibility for designers and technical artists.

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