Creating AR and VR Projects with Unreal Engine | Webinar

Explore how to create compelling XR experiences in Unreal Engine in this webinar.

We’ll cover:
– Working with AR and VR templates
– AR deployment on mobile devices
– Extending the VR template with custom UI and interactions

00:00 Intro
01:00 VR Template
02:28 VR scene setup
05:00 Play in VR
06:25 Grabbable Actor
08:37 Actor variant
10:30 Adding UI
11:50 AR Template
12:30 Android development setup
14:30 AR project overview
20:18 AR running in Android
21:09 AR Robots project
21:55 Control Rig shadow setup
27:22 Animation Blueprint
29:46 Attaching shadows
35:00 Adding Robot
37:00 ARKit Environment Probe
38:11 Blueprint for ARKit update
42:06 iOS development setup

Useful links:
– GitHub OpenXR Explorer:
– Variant Remote download:
– Exploring the OpenXR VR template (Inside Unreal):
– Unreal Engine XR development forum:

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