Create a Forest Scene in CRYENGINE

Crytek artist Joe Garth goes through the steps of creating a realistic forest scene using Megascans in CRYENGINE. This tutorial includes everything you need to know about importing Quixel Megascans assets, generating/sculpting a terrain, and building a realistically lit finished scene.

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Before polishing pass:

01:20 Introduction To Megascans
01:38 Importing Megascans texture to CRYENGINE Terrain Texture.
22:00 Megascans Mesh to CRYENGINE
25:26 Setting up LODs
32:54 Megascans 3D Vegetation to CRYENGINE
46:28 Vegetation Editor
50:41 Generating terrain and sculpting
55:18 Painting terrain texture
1:11:42 Creating a scene
1:14:28 Scattering Rock Assemblies
1:15:13 Cinematic Composition
1:16:09 Scattering Foliage
1:17:41 Volumetric Cloud system
1:19:02 Before and After polishing pass
1:21:37 Snow decals on mountain tops
1:22:14 Terrain integration feature
1:22:53 Lighting and Environment Editor
1:23:22 Generating an Environment Probe
1:26:20 Post Processing FX
1:27:14 Colorgrading


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