Configure the Lumberyard Setup Assistant to Compile Your Own Game | Lumberyard Tutorial – 2019.05

Walk-through the Lumberyard Setup Assistant and each option during a custom install so that you can build your own projects from scratch stress free. If you want to get into game development, the Lumberyard game engine is a free and powerful engine for you to get started on. Follow along in our ongoing tutorials to see how to build your own video games on Amazon Lumberyard.

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Documentation Guide @ 1:12 –
Launching the Setup Assistant @ 1:47 –
Setting up a Custom Install @ 2:18 –
Required Software @ 4:29 –
*Optional 3rd Party Shared Setup @ 4:54 –
Required SDKs @ 6:05 –
Optional SDKs @ 7:32 –
Plug-Ins @ 7:49 –
Setup Complete @ 8:05 –

Setting Up Lumberyard 2019 Series:
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