Choosing A Game Engine in 2021

The process of selecting a game engine is always tricky and in 2021 we have more choices than ever before. This video is to help make that decision easier by giving suggestions for a number of different scenarios.

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0:00 Introduction and Overview
0:54 Game Engine to… Land a Job
1:29 Game Engine to… Make Your First 2D Game
3:35 Game Engine to… Artist Creating A Portfolio
4:33 Game Engine to… Work On Open Source
5:12 Game Engine to… Ship a 2D Cross Platform Game
9:08 Game Engine to… Learn How To Make My Own Game Engine
10:46 Game Engine to… Make Your First 3D Game
13:46 Game Engine to… Teach A Child To Create Games
15:31 Game Engine to… Ship A 3D Cross Platform Title
17:08 Game Engine to… Create an HTML5 Game
19:07 Honourable Mentions & Other Engines
26:16 Conclusions


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