Cheats Codes & Powerups using UI String Compares | Lumberyard Tutorial 2020.09

Learn how to use Amazon Lumberyard UI Editor part 4/5 to improve on the player registration screen by checking and restricting what the player can enter in this Lumberyard Game Engine Tutorial video. Additionally we’ll ever give you a powerup cheat code if you enter the secret name “nemo”.

To follow along, download the N.E.M.O. project here:
Captured on v1.23 BETA of the Lumberyard Game Engine
Narrated by: John R. Diaz

0:00 Start
1:42 Demo
3:18 UI Editor
5:28 Script Events
6:40 Powerup Icon
11:25 Increase Damage

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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