This, is mostly why I would love to become a youtuber :

Alternative way to process wood :

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This video is a “basic tutorial” on how the carpentry, one of the new buildings in FS22. I’m gonna do all of the new businesses, so if you don’t wanna miss a thing, make sure you subscribe!

If you want to know how to get planks, check out this video:

1 – Cut trees down (either with a chainsaw, or a forestry machine).

2 – You can either take the logs to the carpentry, or take them to the sawmill (you can either buy, or use the one existent on the map), and turn them into planks.

3 – Place the logs / planks on the trailer symbol at the carpentry.

4 – Check the highest buying price (the higher it is, the more income you get) at the furniture sale spots, and take the pallets there. You can use a tractor with a frontloader attachment and a pallet fork, attachment, or just a forklift.

There’s also a “packs” feature, where you’ll get the basic tools you’ll need to start your own wood cutting monopoly.

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