Camera Unlock – Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial (Top-Down System)

One popular feature in modern MOBAs and Top-Down Games is unlocking the camera from your character to freely look around the map without putting it in danger of walking through specific areas. In today’s video we’ll learn a pretty easy and dynamic way to replicate such feature. Games that use this feature are League of Legends, Dota 2 and a lot others.

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In this UE4 tutorial we’ll start from scratch with the Top-Down template that everyone gets with the engine, so if you’ve never worked with it yet, this is the right opportunity to give it a shot and familiarize yourself with it. Not only that it’s really easy to create a simple MOBA game from it, but customizing and adding more features is just as easy.

A great system that works really well with unlocking the camera is scrolling up and down to zoom inwards or outwards. This will give the player a lot more control over what he sees and overall increase the amount of enjoyment.

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