Blender Game Engine (UPBGE) – Modular Player-Tracking Enemy Turrets!

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So… Funny seeing you here again… You definitely know what’s up. I’m wasting time with UPBGE ( )…

Anyways, I’ve created this modular turret node setup- the entire system is run by game properties, so you can duplicate the turret object and set completely different options for that one, without having to edit any of the nodes. The modifiable properties are as follows:
– Geometry (obviously)
– Textures (obviously)
– Health
– Weak Point Object
– Clip Size (shots before reload)
– Shooting Animation
– Shooting Duration (cooldown after each shot)
– Reloading Animation
– Reloading Duration (time taken for a reload)
– Hit Animation (for when the turret takes damage- weak point shot)
– Hit Duration (length of the hit animation)
– Death Animation
– Death Duration (length of the death animation)

It’s basically fully custom 😀

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