Blender Game Engine Tutorial Developing a Simple Ball Game by Adding a Score (New Version)

This tutorial shows how to develop the simple ball game started in the previous tutorial –
Blender 2.5 – Introduction to the Game Engine Making a Simple Ball Game

Key Points –
How to make an object behave as a proximity sensor to detect if the ball goes through a hole.
How to make an object broadcast a message.
How to make an object listen for a message.
How to create a property for an object.
How to create an actuator to update a property.
How to create an actuator to restart a scene.

In Detail –
An object is created (cylinder) and a ‘near’ sensor logic brick is added to it. When any object (the ball) gets within a specified distance to the object a signal is sent. The signal causes a message actuator to send a message and a scene actuator to restart.

Another object is created to listen for the message and when received it sends a signal to a property actuator that updates the score.

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