BEST OF MADE WITH UNITY #153 – Week of November 12, 2021

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This is a short list of some of the coolest things we found online that were made using Unity. To be featured in this video, please make sure you put #madewithunity in your post on twitter and tag us @gamedevhq! Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured next!

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Water bending in unity by u/Stefione

Mechs with various numbers of legs by u/johnjoemcbob

Earlier missions by u/KrahsteertS

Simple monster truck game by u/Oddrok

You can open up portals on ANY surface and IT JUST WORKS™ by TheMirzaBeig@TheMirzaBeig

Progress by u/Sandstorm-Gamestudio

Ice Projectiles for All by u/GeriBP

Weird flex in a physics foraging game where you’re a mole with 9 stomachs by u/thatscraigz

Roll dice and spend them to perform actions by u/DigiJarc

Running from zombies in a spooky Cemetery by VoxelTactics@VoxelTactics

Castle by Canopy@canopy_studio

Meet savage rat, a very hungry beast by An Amazing Wizard@JakubDabrowski0. Link is below: MageFire

Dramatic boss fight by LeeT Game@game_leet. Link is below:

This punching VFX is a bug. I’m keeping it by GENOKIDS@nukefist

Made some bat particles with vertex animation by Joyce@minionsart

Beware the vines by Grimm Tales@GrimmTalesLLC

Cancelling the game for soccer by Project Rascal@ProjectRascal

So the spin move seems to be working ok by SWORDCAR@SpaceMicroscope

New camera angles by afterlife@fuz_games

Spooky dude … or spooky girl … booo knows by All City, Kitty!@AllCityKitty

Check out this asteroid landing by SquarePlayGames@SquarePlayGames

New level design by Karatkuro@karatkuro

Annie’s Victory screen by Cosmic Hat Games@CosmicHatGames

Always remember to turn off the lights when you leave by Aeon Drive@AeonDrive

Just discovered a new room in the dungeon by VironGameDev@VironGameDev

Made more progress on jack-o’-lantern zombies by eatsleepindie@eatsleepindie

Get into the #halloween spirit by CG Cowboy Studios@cgcowboy. Link is below:

Fully reimplemented the camera system by Myst Valleys@elvismdd

Full of secrets by Aloft Studio@AloftStudio

They say a lot of game development is putting out fires. Same thing with heroes, apparently by Daniel Ferrer@OneTrueGamedev. Link is below:

Anime styled mech fighting game by Clash of the Metal@ClashOfTheMetal


Welcome to Ceres! You’ve landed a sweet gig as a mining technician – Swap tiles to create veins of 3 or more matching ores. Available on the google play store now.

Red Sector is a rogue like with intense twin-stick combat and amazing soundtrack. Now available on steam.

Blaster 2 is a space shooter with 3 different heroes, unique stats, ultimate weapons and more. Defeat the hordes of enemies available on google play store now.

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