Basics of Unreal Engine 5 Chaos || Tutorial

This video will show the basics of Unreal Chaos. Unreal Chaos is a new physics and destruction system, that you can use to have real-time destruction at a large scale and more optimized then other systems.
(UE 5 recommended to use here)

In the video a basic cube is used as example for destruction. The workflow and the setup for this can be fully done in Unreal Engine. The first task to do is fracture the mesh, this is needed for the simulation and these are the breakable pieces. We are still working with real-time simulations so it is recommended to not go very high in the amount of pieces.
Once the mesh is fractured you can do some basic simulation but nothing special. A good idea to do here is to go in the geometry collection file and tweak the settings for better collision or optimize it.
An important part of Chaos is creating fields. These field give information of instructions to the destroyable meshes in the scene. You can create fields for impacts to fields for anchoring pieces or stop simulating pieces.

00:00 Intro
00:16 Overview process
01:01 First impressions
01:53 Enable plugins
02:05 Create mesh
02:12 Fracture the mesh
02:57 Geo collection Properties
05:20 Creating Fieldsystems
07:35 Adding Force field
09:46 Anchor fields
13:30 Outro

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