Animation in Unreal Engine: Adding Life to Your Story | Webinar

In this inspirational video, Matthew Doyle demonstrates how to use animation tools in Unreal Engine to tell a story and add life to your projects. Learn how to use the Atoms Crowd framework to populate city streets with animated crowds and use the engine’s core tools to add effects to people, birds, vehicles, and environmental objects.

Time codes:
0:56 – Material Animation
4:46 – Animating Vehicles with Blueprints
17:38 – Adding Animated People
24:40 – Simulating Crowds with the Atoms Crowd Plugin by Tool Chefs
39:35 – Cloth Simulation
42:53 – Adding Wind to Foliage
51:57 – Flocking Birds Using Niagara

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For more information about the Atoms Crowd plug-in visit:


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