(2020) Multiplayer FPS in Unity: Photon 2 Setup & Menu

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Today we’re going to be making an online multiplayer FPS game using Photon PUN 2. This isn’t just local multiplayer, you can play with anyone all over the world.

I’ve worked on a few multiplayer games in Unity using Photon before, and decided to make a tutorial series. Hopefully this can jumpstart you into making multiplayer FPS games with PUN for free.

Photon allows for up to 20 players at once, and doesn’t require any payment upfront. This isn’t an ad, in my opinion this is the best free networking solution for Unity. If you’re looking for something without a ccu cap, try using Mirror, but you will need to pay to host servers/relay servers.

In this episode we’ll be setting up some of the basics required for a room/lobby menu system, which will let us easily test the game.

0:00 – Overview
0:47 – Importing PUN
3:31 – Launcher
6:51 – Title Menu
10:10 – MenuManager
17:35 – Create Room Menu
21:17 – Inside Room Menu
23:28 – Error Menu
25:25 – Assigning Buttons
26:30 – Finishing Touches

Music used:
shower by Stevia Sphere:
Reality is not a computer simulation by Stevia Sphere:

The source code is also available to download if you just want to snag that, but I recommend following the series to understand how it works, and use the source code for reference.

Source code:


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