2.10 RTS HUD Setup [UE 4 – RTS Tutorial]

Welcome to the 10th lesson in creating a Real Time Strategy Game in #UnrealEngine.

This video in our #Unreal #RTS series covers setting up our user interface/HUD (for time).

In the next video, will be split into two lessons. Released on the same day. The first lesson (approximately an hour) will set up functionality of the clock and calendar functions. In the second video we will set up our controls for game speed.

If you have any suggestions for content or topics you want to see covered, please let me know below, on twitter @TwoNeuronstream, or on Reddit.


Section 2: Time and HUD
Lesson 8: Setting up GameTime
Lesson 9: Day/Night Cycle
Lesson 10: HUD setup
Lesson 11: Interfacing HUD and GameTime (part 1)
Lesson 12: Interfacing HUD and GameTime (part 2)
Lesson 13: Debugging (if needed) & Alternative approaches


The plan for this series is roughly:
1. Movement
2. Time and HUD
3. Resources (basic)
4. Units/NPCs (basic)
5. Construction (basic)
7. Combining Units and Construction (basic)
8. Resources and Construction
9. Unit/NPC behaviour
10. Fog of war

There will be more topics that will be covered, than what is listed above.

The order of presentation may change based on your feedback. Additionally, I may drop the intros if you guys do not find them useful.


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